“Rebekah is a very unique OT who I trust implicitly and greatly respect. Her broad based training in child development, treatment team collaboration, creative thinking, ease with children, playful spirit, overall attunement, clinical acumen, focus on the entire family system, and specific skills in Floortime have been golden for me to find in an OT.”
–Dr. Jonine Biesman, ABPdN, Psy.D., neuropsychologist

“Rebekah not only helped my son with his OT needs, she became a part of our family. We had previously seen another OT through regional center, and after comparing the two, I can honestly say that it’s like going from a Hyundai to a Ferrari. Her services aren’t just limited to the gym, either! I love that she did school visits, came to our house when I was sick, and even met us at the park. I’d also like to mention that I’ve had issues with other therapists with their scheduling and billing (especially if they do it on their own). Rebekah is *really* on top of it, and she’s very organized. There was never a problem! Parking is in a paid lot, but she validates. Or, if your time slot is before 3:30, street parking is relatively easy to come by (metered).”
-Jacqui B., parent

“Rebekah is a true professional who is extremely knowledgeable about pediatric OT. She helped my son in so many ways and we are grateful for that. My son loved seeing Rebekah and in fact looked forward his sessions with her. I highly recommend Rebekah for anyone with a child in need of this type of therapy. It was truly amazing to see how much my son progressed in such a short period of time with her guidance.”
–Colette, parent

“Rebekah has been an incredible resource for my son and family. She is incredibly committed, passionate, and knowledgeable. Her suggestions and insights are right on and helpful. My son always enjoyed going to see her, and his growth in his year and a half with her was amazing to watch. He conquered so many of his anxieties in her office with her loving support. Rebekah is also accessible, flexible, and punctual.
I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
–Cheryl, parent

“Thank you for your hard work and support of B. We can’t begin to thank you enough for all of the growth we see in him and all of the new things he is willing to do. ☺ You are amazing at what you do both in the room and out for your support and advocacy. We will miss you but will definitely keep in touch. Love.”
–C and R, parents

“Rebekah Tolin is an outstanding O.T. therapist. My son worked with Rebekah for over a year and I watched him grow from a scared wall flower into a child with confidence and self awareness. Rebekah has control in her sessions but allows kids to speak freely and use their imagination. My child always wanted to go play at Rebekah’s office and enjoyed her as a person. She has given me support as a parent and I used her as an outlet to ask questions about my child’s behavior. I am very grateful to her and I give Rebekah my most whole-hearted recommendation.”
–Michelle, parent

“Rebekah, Thank you for your assessment. This certainly is the child that I see. I knew that you would be perfect for him and {the mom}.”
–Roberta Poster, Speech Therapist

“G was very comfortable with you…Your connection with G was awesome… Thank you for improving our lives. What a gift, to find someone that could connect with a teen boy in a way that drew him into willing participation with therapy. Rebekah’s approach was so engaging that our skeptic son saw and felt her desire to guide him into a stronger place. It can be a hard age to get to buy into occupational therapy or anything for that matter but Rebekah was able to be candid with our son and he felt her real desire to help. She was on his side and he knew it…Thanks for the wonderful care. Fondly,”
–Karen L., parent

“Rebekah Tolin changed our lives forever… We came to her with little knowledge about OT or Sensory Integration. She greeted us each morning with her warm smile and gentle heart. She instantly took our family under her wing, calming our fears and showering us with peace and healing. Our son began working with Rebekah when he was 5 years old. He was a busy boy, full of energy and didn’t know how to regulate his body. Through her therapy, advocacy and encouragement our son is now almost 8 years old, and enjoying a new inner strength, sense of control, and confidence. A happy boy with a handful of tools to guide him through life and onto a successful future. We thank Rebekah, from the bottom of our hearts.”
–Ben’s Mom, Dad and Little Sister

“Rebekah worked with my son… who has a sensory-integration disorder between the ages of four and eight… She addressed his struggles from such a wide variety of techniques…She patiently took out time to educate me…and encouraged me, via reading and lectures, to learn for myself about sensory-integration disorders… She clearly embodies and radiates a rare combination of hope, intelligence and determination.”
–Amy Jakobson, parent, Psy. D. Clinical Psychologist

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for Max. He has come so far in one year and we know you are a big part of his growth – it’s been nothing short of amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
–Adrienne, parent

“B is doing really great…still has some anxiety here & there, but has gained a lot of confidence over the past couple years & is excelling in school. He’s such a funny & unique, quirky kid. We loved our time with you and miss seeing you :)”
–Liesl, parent

“It has been a great pleasure working with you. You are talented professional and a caring woman. It’s been valuable to have you on this part of our journey. Warm regards,”
–Rachel, parent

“Thank you so much for allowing me to shadow you. I learned so much about being an OT and am now even more interested in occupational therapy. You are a great model of what an exceptional OT should be. Thank you.”
–Yaffa F, OT observation student

“No matter how much of a hard time he gives you, you know it’s done with love…You really have made an impact on my little man’s life. Lots of love. Thank you.”
–Gillian F, parent

“He’s really digging (camp) this year, being a little older and being his 3rd year has made a big difference in how much he participates and, of course, the excellent OT he’s been getting too!”
–Rick, parent

“I enjoyed meeting you and I will be referring people and some agencies to you in the future. Only wish that one day you will move to Santa Barbara.”
–Joan E, Dyslexia specialist, Santa Barbara

“Ms. Tolin, your presentation on fine motor development was well received and appreciated…Your developmental guidance was just what was needed for the diverse audience. We are grateful that you were willing to volunteer and share.”
–Director of Curriculum and Director of Professional Development, Manhattan Center for Early Learning