Carla Elkins, MA, LMFT

For the past 25 years she has worked with children and families in private practice, in school, or at home. She specializes in helping families with children who have neurodevelopmental disorders, behavior issues and children with anxiety.

Carla utilizes a play-based, developmental model. She believes every behavior that children present is an important message to which we can pay attention and from which we can learn valuable tools for helping the child thrive.

Her family therapy background is informed by attachment theory and a bio-psycho-social model of understanding each child’s and each family member’s individual differences. Carla is passionate about how interpersonal neurobiology plays an integral part in shaping our relationships, our behavior and our mind. Carla has studied in the Floortime/DIR model.®

Carla also does Neruofeedback/EEG-Biofeedback with adults and children.